Yuletide Bagpipes

This album is a collection of traditional Yuletide favorites, artfully arranged for a variety of bagpipes (smallpipes, border pipes, lowland pipes, medieval greatpipes, cornemuse) with flutes, whistles, concertina, Celtic harp, fiddles, trombone, French horn, oboe, English horn, percussion, guitar, piano and bass. The arrangements are bright, beautiful and unique. Laura's Favorite!

Featuring Laura MacKenzie (smallpipes, border pipes, medieval great pipes, cornemuse, flutes, whistles, concertina); Dáithí Sproule (guitar); Patrice Pakiz (piano, oboe, English horn); Sunita Staneslow (Celtic harp); Mag McDermott (fiddle); Tom Schaefer (fiddle); Rose Lewis (trombone); Tricia Lerohl (French horn); Marc Anderson (percussion); Joel Sayles (bass).