MacKenzie's recent project: Brass Lassie

For more videos of MacKenzie's band Brass Lassie, visit:  BRASS LASSIE

Performances as Talun, with Garry Jones. Laura on whistles, wooden flute, border half-long bagpipes. Music at 00:08, 10:42, 21:44 and 40:20, from the "Fire Eye Suite"(composed by Garry Jones).

Below: Laura MacKenzie on whistles, Scottish smallpipes, voice, concertina, wooden flutes, Swayne border pipes, French cornemuse - with Gary Rue, From a presentation featuring music from Ireland, Scotland, Galicia and Central France.

Below: Mormond Braes (Trad. Scottish)/Dugan's Dream (L. MacKenzie), with Gary Rue (guitar) and Michael Bissonnette (percussion).

Below: Grianach Medley - Air (trad.)/Elizabeth Kelly's Delight (trad. irish)/Grianach (L. MacKenzie). With Gary Rue (guitar) and Michael Bissonnette (percussion).

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