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    Laura received a 2020 fellowship award from the American Scandinavian Foundation of NYC! Originally planned for the summer of 2020, she will study Swedish wooden flute with two masters in southern Sweden, along with St. Paul flute-player Amy Shaw, in June 2021.

   Throughout 2019 and through early 2020,  MacKenzie performed and developed multiple and varied solo programs and concerts, while also performing with Willow Brae, Brass Lassie, guesting with Neil Gunn & The Gunn Slingers, and enjoying the holiday season with SimpleGifts and Billy McLaughlin.

     Laura has developed a new solo program for 2020-2021,  "The Outlander Series & Traditional Scottish Music", which is destined to be a favorite. A concert version of this program is also being offered as Outlander: Scotland's Music.

   Also new is "The Irish Piper",  a re-telling of The Pied Piper story. Based on the children's book by Minnesota author Jim Latimer, this program is full of traditional music.

    Brass Lassie: We launched our fabulous debut studio album in September of 2018, and have received glowing reviews. Brass Lassie will be back in 2021 with some new arrangements, exciting new guest musicians and dancers, and video releases. 

     Planned for late 2020 - 2021 are the return of the Scottish music classes, workshops and ceilidhs, more collaborations with poets, more shows with "The Young & The Rest" (Billy McLaughlin and SimpleGifts' new show featuring the music of Neil Young and more), developing Brass Lassie's unique repertoire, and presenting a number of popular Solo Programs around the region.



With Universal Language XII Jazz Ensemble

With Universal Language XII Jazz Ensemble

Over the past few years....

--- Brass Lassie: BRASS LASSIE debuted summer 2016 at the Minnesota Scottish Fair. This 10-piece band performs extraordinary arrangements of traditional music, featuring a four-piece brass section. The illustrious members of the ensemble are: Mary Vanorny, fiddle; Patrice Pakiz, piano;  Tricia Lerohl, French horn; Kate DeVoe, trumpet and flugelhorn; Brooklynne Audette, bass trombone; Lauren Husting, trombone; Marc Anderson, percussion; Enrique Toussaint, bass; Laura MacKenzie, flutes, whistles, concertina, pipes, voice; plus a featured percussive dancer. Peter Enblom is on board as horn arranger, and we are perform two arrangements by Dr. David Milne. Our debut studio recording is "Brass Lassie", available at our website: Brass
--- Poetry & Music: Another dream come true, musical collaborations with favorite poets Michael Dennis Browne, Deborah Keenan, Sharon Chmielarz and Angela Shannon. More to come!

--- Stories & Music: Kevin Strauss (award winning Minnesota author and storyteller)  invited Laura to collaborate on a series of programs. The concert programs of stories and music have been: Heroes and Heroines, Heroes and Heroines of Ireland, and Animal Heroes. Laura brought many world music tunes to these fun programs.

--- World Music & Jazz: Laura was deeply honored to be the guest artist in several exciting collaborations -- including One World Consort (Earth Day Concert) and the UWRF 20-piece Jazz Ensemble (University of Wisconsin-River Falls RADD Jazz Series "Universal Language" concert), both directed by David Milne. Dr. Milne's ensemble and jazz arrangements of traditional music plus some of L MacKenzie's tunes are just terrific. And One World Concert got to reprise this music at the Celtic Junction Arts Center.  In 2018, Laura was honored to collaborate and perform with the jazz ensembles of St. Olaf College, under the direction of David Hagedorn.

--- Steerage Song: The wonderful Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua in Bayfield, Wisconsin mounted a production of "Steerage Song" (premiered by Theater Latte Da, 2013) and Laura got to reprise her musical role in this entertaining, informative and deeply moving docu-musical. Long may it live!

--- Scottish Music & Piping Schools: Lovely honors - Laura was invited to teach Scottish flute, smallpipes and song at the Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle School, plus an invitations back to The Pipers Gathering in Connecticut! Great times, vibrant schools and workshops. 


--- Scottish Song and Tune groups:  These workshops on Scottish tune repertoire, Scottish songs & Gaelic song have been most enjoyable, and there will be more to come! Laura shares a selection of tunes and songs at each meeting, with notations and lyrics provided - plus tea and cookies. Fun and informal, for any singer or melody player with an interest in learning more Scottish music! Join the mailing list on the HOME page for notices. These workshops will return in 2020.

--- Scottish Cèilidhs at The Celtic Junction Arts Center:
We began a tradition of Scottish-style ceilidhs in 2016. They were a great success, plus loads of fun. The first half of these evenings was an opportunity to get up and give a song, a poem, play a tune, even tell a story - or just sit back and enjoy the cèilidh atmosphere with a beverage from the cash bar.  For the second half, we pushed back the chairs and enjoyed Scottish cèilidh dancing with music by the fabulous Neil Gunn & The Gunn Slingers. This tradition has now been taken on by Neil Gunn & the Gunn Slingers, with monthly events at the Celtic Junction Arts Center in St. Paul.

--- Orchestral debuts: Dáithí Sproule, Mary Vanory and Laura have been guest artists with the Cannon Valley Regional Orchestra, performing music originally arranged for Altan & the RTE Orchestra.

--- Christmas Season: Always a pleasure to reach the season of SimpleGifts holiday concerts. Our most recent recording is "This Christmastide", and we look forward to our annual Christmastide tour.

--- Year 'Round: Regional concerts and programs, Solo or with Willow Brae, Brass Lassie, Dáithí Sproule, Ross Sutter, SimpleGifts as "The Young & The Rest", and more.


Check the SCHEDULE page for updates.
Scots Gaelic songs and music, with a special connection to Scottish Heritage in Minnesota.

Scots Gaelic songs and music, with a special connection to Scottish Heritage in Minnesota.