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"Brass Lassie Innovates in a Most Satisfying Way" 

----Phil Nusbaum; Jazz88 Programmer (KBEM-FM); Folklorist; Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN

    "In Scottish tradition, “Lassie” refers to females. But “Brass” Lassie? It’s a band moniker proclaiming a Scots-based music group featuring women musicians and brass in its instrumentation. In live shows and on this first recorded project, the brass lineup includes trumpet, French horn, trombone and bass trombone. Adding the brass to flutes, fiddle and concertina makes Brass Lassie sound different than any other Scottish or Irish band. In the process of delivering a unique musical synthesis, Brass Lassie maintains the high performance standards associated with the leader, Laura MacKenzie."

    "Including the horns provides a type of firepower you don’t normally hear in Scottish or Irish music."     

    "Regardless of where Laura found inspiration, the CD represents a highlight in a lengthy musical career based on executing the highest standards of Irish and Scottish music." 

"The players in Brass Lassie are all veterans of performance and recording. It really shows in the Brass Lassie recording and in performance as well. Every tune or song is delivered crisply. Everyone plays the right notes at the right time. It’s all done on cue, in perfect tune and in perfect time."

    "Brass Lassie is the result of a life’s work in music. But one hesitates to say that with too much emphasis because Laura is far from done. But it is at least a strong watershed in the musical career of Laura MacKenzie. It represents a great vision, the conception is brilliantly executed, and audiences are left wanting more."