"High Priestess of Celtic Music" - Minnesota Public Radio

"Celtic music wizard" - Minneapolis StarTribune

"MacKenzie maintains the magic" - SING OUT!

Laura MacKenzie


When Laura takes the stage for a solo performance, she brings a fascinating array of wind-powered instruments, including her lovely voice, to the fore. Moving from one instrument to another, Laura contributes diverse and rich sonorities while communicating a vast repertoire of traditional music. Her performance is supported by the grace, warmth and humor, the craft, knowledge and lore gleaned over a lifetime of music-making and study.

"Experienced U.S. multi-instrumentalist steps out....Wielding an array of whistles, pipes, and concertina, she balances prodigious abilities with a maturity and overall expertise." - fROOTS (U.K.)

"A performing artist of astonishing ability, playing and singing with skill and emotion a splendid repertoire."- American Association of University Women

"Laura's music draws from a deep well, and her broad experience allows her to bring that depth out into diverse and accessible contexts." --Tim Britton, Pied Piper Productions

Solo Concerts: 
Purely that - MacKenzie's own "flying circus", unaccompanied, without a net. Performing on wooden flutes, various whistles, concertina, Scottish smallpipes, Swayne border pipes, Swayne border half-long pipes, French cornemuse, Medieval Greatpipes, Leicestershire smallpipes, gemshorn and voice.

Programs for Libraries, Community Groups and Schools:
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