Laura & The Lads

Laura and The Lads is a collection of upbeat music showcasing Laura's well known skills on the various pipes, flutes and whistles she has in her arsenal, rounded off by concertina and her lovely singing voice. Laura is backed on this recording by the larger band of "Lads", featuring Brian Miller (guitar), Django Amerson (fiddle), Michael Bissonnette (percussion), Sean Egan (clarinet) and John Wright (bass). Lively artwork from famous illustrator and New Yorker cartoonist John O'Brien boosts the music's spirited message.
  • "A really enjoyable listen.... it gets your feet moving from the outset - and, as with much great Celtic music, it makes you feel happy and uplifted."
  • "A very impressive musician.... an amazing array of instruments."
  • "The input of the 'Lads' really does reinforce the excellence of MacKenzie's musicianship." - Rambles
Track List:
1.   The Clarke Tunes
2.   Grianach
3.   Bird's Hill
4.   The Corncrake
5.   The Presbyterian
6.   Brendan's Jigs
7.   Le Crabe Noir
8.   Toss the Feathers
9.   Dugan's Dream
10. Vive lá l' Printemps
11. Polka Time
12. Once I Loved
13. Piper on Horseback
14. Galician/Asturian Set

Listen to sample selections below.