Laura MacKenzie: Evidence

Evidence is a collection of songs, airs and waltzes from many different sources (Irish, Scots Gaelic, French, English, and from Dáithí Sproule, and Laura herself), all in a musical mood both calm and bright. The album features guest appearances from Dáithí Sproule (of Altan - guitar and vocals), Dean Magraw (guitar) and harpist Andrea Stern, as well as Brian Miller (guitar), Sean Egan (clarinet), Dick Rees (accordions) and John Wright (bass). A stunningly beautiful collection, inspired in part by the artwork of Nick Lethert, which graces this CD.

Track List:
1.   The Silver Whistle
2.   Lady Mary Anne
3.   The House on the Corner
4.   Out of Winter
5.   Gruinneart Sands
6.   Loch Iall
7.  The Cuckoo
8.   Evidence of Flora
9.   Shortcut to the Rosses
10. Lena/Waltz Luberon
11. Dream Angus
12. Noir/Champignons

Listen to sample selections below.


"The majority of the pieces are instrumental, showcasing MacKenzie's amazing command of a vast array of instruments. The playing and arrangements are very bright and cheery, in a calming way. They evoke images of a quiet, green forest with a waterfall.... Her skill on this many instruments is staggering. This is the perfect CD to listen to on a rainy day, curled up with a nice cup of tea. It is an album that will lift the blues, calm you and transport you to a sunny, green forest. What more could you possibly want?" — Rambles

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